Glukloader 1.0.4

Here’s a bugfix release for something I hope I was the only one experiencing. I had noticed that my keyboard and mouse (and USB peripherals) on iMac would sometime stop working after it going to sleep. At first, I suspected a hardware issue but I started noticing one day that I had my Dexcom receiver plugged in before my Mac went idle. And it happened a few more times when my receiver was plugged in again. So I cleaned up a little the management of the USB device and made sure it would be closed after a successful sync rather than keeping it open. After some testing, it looks like that might have been it.

Or maybe it was all a coincidence but either way, Glukloader 1.0.4 is being a little more conservative in closing the resources and it’s for the best.

If you did have mysterious issues with your peripherals not responding after going idle, I apologize. Hopefully, this will solve that mystery.

Grab the latest build here.