♥ mmol/L

Glukit had been built with multiple glucose units in mind but, to minimize the scope of the initial testing, the front-end had been made to support only mg/dL. I’m happy to say that this is now no longer the case. If your Dexcom is set to mmol/L, you’ll now be able to browse your data in the unit you’re used to.

Glukloader Required Upgrade

In the troubleshooting process with a friend from UK, I found a critical bug in my interpretation of the glucose values when the unit was mmol/L. If you’re a mmol user, you need to upgrade to the most recent build to get proper values: Glukloader 1.0-rc23. You should also drop me a line so we can reset your data uploaded with previous versions.

The build also includes a handy new feature: emailing glukit logs with a simple one-click action (in the “Advanced” menu).